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Bosque de Paz Biological Orchid and Birdding Reserve is a 1000-hectare natural biological corridor, located on the Central Volcanic Range, Continental Divide, between the Juan Castro Blanco Watershed National Park and the Poás Volcano National Park. It is a rain and cloud forest, located 1 ½ tour away from San José, 35 minutes from Sarchí and 25 minutes away from Zarcero. It has excellent access to the Arenal and Poás volcanoes, and the area of Sarapiquí, San Carlos, Carara National Park, Jacó Beach.

At this lodge, you may enjoy the exuberant biodiversity of centennial trees loaded with orchids, bromeliads, mosses and ferns, surrounded by an unforgettable setting filled with impressive mountains, valleys, rivers and waterfalls. Guests breathe the pure mountain air, while they hike through the trails though the lush rainforest, and then enjoying the exquisite food at the Bosque de Paz restaurant, which is a sample of Costa Rican hospitality offered through the personal attention of the González family, owners of the lodge.

Do you like bird watching, orchid gardens, taking pictures of wildlife and birds, going on jungle nature hikes through a cloud forest, and believe in sustainable tourism? If so, then you'll love the Bosque de Paz Private Ecological Reserve and Lodge - An Orchid and Bird Paradise in the mountains, unparalleled just about anywhere in the world - a haven for photographers - bird, orchid, nature and animal photography.

In an effort to protect the exuberant flora and fauna in the Central Volcanic Mountain Range of Costa Rica, Federico González-Pinto, his wife Vanessa, and his son Federico Jr. are dedicated to fulfill a dream:
To create a large Biological Corridor for future generations to enjoy and admire; And create a consciousness about the importance of conservation through ecological tourism and education.

Now the González family personally attend to nature and orchid lovers, and bird watchers, from around the world to share their natural treasure. Come and enjoy our comfortable rainforest hotel in a cool, mountain jungle with waterfalls. Hike on our maintained nature trails, and help Costa Rica realize its sustainable eco-tourism goals.

Rick Marsi -Nature and Birding Tour Leader Co-Author and Consultant - The Reader's Digest Book of North American Birds, says of his visits to Bosque de Paz: "Having escorted hundreds of birders and nature enthusiasts to Costa Rica over the past decade, I am often asked if I have a favorite place there. The fact is I do. It is Bosque de Paz Cloud Forest Lodge and Preserve. The simplest way I can explain choosing this place is to say that whenever I take people there, or send them there on their own, I am 100 percent certain they will enjoy an outstanding experience.

We have recorded more than 331 species of birds at our preserve since July, 1997, including Resplendent Quetzal, Scaled Antpitta, Black Guan, Emerald Toucanet, Three Wattled Bellbird, Ornate Hawk-Eagle, Zeledonia, and Silvery-fronted, Tapaculo, Black--faced Solitaire, American Dipper, Golden-browed Chlorophonia, among many others, and abundant hummingbirds.

Orchids at the Preserve
Because the system of trails requires sustained maintenance to clear branch and tree falls, epiphytic orchids are frequently brought down to eye level. Exceptional falls occurred, for example, during Hurricane Mitch in September of 1998. Sr. González-Pinto and son Federico González-Sotela conceived the idea of relocating these plants to make them more accessible to the visitors of the Preserve and sought advice from orchid experts about how these relocations might be done successfully.

They began salvaging and relocating air-fall orchids to the branches of small trees near the Lodge in the mid 1990's. The resulting 75-m-longBotanical Trail was opened in 1996.

An orchid garden was also created in the year 2000 by relocating plants to trees surrounding a new assembly building. Eye-level relocations of orchids elsewhere along the system of trails also provide interest for orchid enthusiasts in seeing these plants making a living in a nearly natural state.

The collection of orchids at the Preserve (see is diverse and reflects not only the showy species but also the smaller, less conspicuous, but also wonderful ones, such as those in the Pleurothallinidae Alliance. Also, very large species, such as some of those in the genus Maxillaria that are rarely found in collections or in cultivation, are also strongly represented. The collection is therefore more representative of the orchid flora in the area than those usually found in casual collections or in typical public displays in most botanical gardens.

The success of these relocations speaks for itself. These plants generally have survived, produce new growths, usually blossom and often are pollinated, judging from the fruiting and spent seedpods that are evident. Some seedlings can be observed growing in the gardens´ trees, meaning that some germination also occurs. In a way, these relocations represent a large-scale botanical experiment in which many potential pollinators and symbiotic fungi are shared with the natural environmental of those orchid species.

The efforts that the González family has made in creating public access to orchids have resulted in many of their clients being orchid enthusiasts. The preserve gives the great opportunity of a guided tour in the orchid garden, in this way, people learn about the great diversity and the importance of its conservation.

Deep Green Photography
Many factors combine to assure consistent quality at Bosque de Paz. These include excellent bird, orchid and wildlife photography, expert and friendly guides, delicious food, (vegetarian / vegan, too) wonderful service, spectacular surroundings and unequaled hospitality."

Bosque de Paz counts with 12 spacious and exquisitely decorated rooms, with Costa Rican exclusive designs and handcrafts. Each of the rooms has two double beds, and a private bathroom with hot water. Outside the rooms, there are large balconies with a spectacular view to our mountains. Guests can be surprised to be awakened by the song of many tropical birds and the sound of howler monkeys.

At Bosque de Paz, guests enjoy a comfortable terrace, with a spectacular view to the mountains, where they can see birds, the hummingbird gallery, butterflies, mammals…….

The lodge has a library with books on natural history, a research laboratory, and a comfortable meeting room. There is an interesting research Project at the Dr. Stephen Kirby Orchid Garden, which has become very popular with orchidologists and naturalists.

Bird watching; mammals, hummingbirds, and orchids observation, hiking, honeymoons, photography, annual family meeting, anti-stress program, yoga, meditation.   -  -  -  -  -

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