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What are the requirements?

  • Passport for U.S. and Canadian Citizens.
  • No Immunization Needed.

What are you allowed in and out of the country?

  • Two liters of liquor
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Cigars


Airlines to San Jose
Serviced by Continental, American, United, Liberia, Iberia, Taca, and Lacsa


Ground Transfers to/from San Jose:

  • Arenal Cahuita Hotels
  • Coco-Ocotal Beach Hotels
  • Flamingo Beach Hotels
  • Jaco Beach Hotels
  • Manuel Antonio Hotels
  • Monteverde Hotels
  • Papagayo Hotels
  • Playa Tambor Hotels
  • Puntarenas Hotels
  • Samara-Carrillo Beach Hotels
  • Tamarindo Hotels

Airport Transfers:

  • One-way to/from San Jose Hotels
  • One-way to/from Mountain Hotels
  • One-way to/from Beach Hotels

* Private Naturalist Guide and Transportation- English speaking drivers charge extra
** Private Transportation and English-speaking Driver

Air Transfers:

Travelair domestic flights:

  • San Jose - Tortuguero
  • San Jose - Quepos
  • San Jose - Liberia
  • Liberia - Tamarindo
  • Quepos - Palmar Sur
  • San Jose - Golfito
  • Golfito - Puerto Jiminez
  • San Jose - Tambor
  • Tambor - Jaco
  • Tamarindo - Tambor
  • Tambor - Quepos
  • San Jose - Punta Islita
  • Punta Islita - Carrillo
  • Charter plane within Costa Rica


  • Temptress Voyages and Windstar for local Cruises
  • Major Ships for out of Country with stops

Car Rental:
Please call us at 1 (800) 938-9767 for current rates and availability.


  • Inside of San Jose, typically $2.00 to $10.00, depending upon the distance.
  • The airport to San Jose central will be approximately $15.00. Call 30 minutes prior to the necessary departure time.


  • Public buses are cheap, typically less than a dollar for travel within San Jose.
  • While a five hour trip to the beach might only cost $6.00, public buses are slow, long and bumpy outside of San Jose.


  • Trains are no longer available for public travel.


  • Spanish is the native language.
  • English is the most widely spoken foreign language.


  • The national currency of Costa Rica is the Colon.
  • Costa Rica tax is now 13%!

  • Call your local bank for the current rate of exchange.
  • If you purchase currency ahead of time at the bank or in the airport, you will typically pay a 10% to 20% premium.
Please note that the currency exchange rate displayed here will differ slightly from the exchange rates offered at the local banks and should be treated as an estimate.
  • You can exchange currency at the airport in San Jose, but these street vendors will sometimes substitute counterfeit currency.
  • The best place to exchange currency is at a bank in Costa Rica or at your hotel.
  • All major credit cards that are readily acceptable in Costa Rica


  • Costa Rica has two major seasons, the dry season and the rainy season.
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  • The dry season is the most popular for tourist travel and lasts between November and April.
  • The rainy season last between May and October and could bring 4 hours of rain per day.
  • During the rainy season, some days have sunshine all day long, while it may rain all day on others.
  • Typically, the rainy season will bring about 2 to 4 hours of rain per day, staring around mid-day.
  • The terrain in Costa Rica is mountainous in the central part of the Country, with several rolling hills and small mountains as you approach the beaches of the Pacific Ocean.
  • The northeast portion of the Country is flat and marshy, extending eastward to the Caribbean Sea.   -  -  -  -  -

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